Beyond the story, beyond the words. There is a science behind the art.


Across The Page Club

Across The Page is the first and only subscription box for screenwriters, playwrights and cross-genre writers who want to experience the full evolution of a story, from page to stage to screen. Each box is focused on the various evolutions of the same story and includes at least two to three adaptations per month: like a copy of the play script, the book, the film and its screenplay or the recorded stage play, as well as an additional item, inspired by the characters or the story.  Our monthly Across The Page magazine includes author and industry insights, perfect for anyone who enjoys dissecting the science behind the art of writing.

Story-Inspired Greeting Card Subscription

For those that aren't interested in the story evolutions but love our story-themed cards, or if you're a subscriber and want to receive extra copies of each month's card to give out to family and friends, here's the perfect subscription product just for you!

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