Thank you Ellen!

We actually listened to your suggestions and the boxes now include our monthly Across The Page Magazine with tons more author and industry insights! Also, the Exclusive Perks did go up in price in order to cover the extra shipping weight, but we promise that they are definitely worth it! 

Happy unboxing!

Here's how it works


Subscribe to the Across The Page Club if you enjoy dissecting the science behind the art of writing - across the page, stage or screen.


Open your box and experience the various evolutions of the same story: from play, to book, to screenplay and film!


Be inspired to let your own stories evolve and cross the boundaries of other literary dimensions, to create a true syzygy of words!

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From page to stage to screen

A total immersion into the story process from the authors, screenwriters' and playwrights' point of view, some of whom may choose to include a signed copy of their materials.  Perfect for anyone who enjoys dissecting the science behind the art of writing.